Some Things About Me

I’m tall. People always ask if I play basketball. I don’t, and basketball fans everywhere should thank me for that.

I’m a major introvert, but I’m not shy.

I love sci fi. I grew up on Star Wars and Star Trek, and I inherited all of that love from my mom.

I have a really vivid inner life. I’m seldom just “being myself,” there’s always some fantasy or backstory to what I’m doing.

I love baths. HOT baths. If I’m not sweating in the bathtub, it’s not hot enough.

I don’t like plain fiction books. Give me sci fi or magical realism, or very occasionally a biography.

I work in insurance, as a customer service representative. I left my previous job because I couldn’t stand the sales pressure.

Hyacinth is my favorite flower and scent. I sniff hyacinth whenever I see it.

I have misophonia and cannot stand mouth sounds. I’ve often gone into a bathroom to cry or have a freakout if I’m stuck with a loud chewer. People telling me to “tune it out” doesn’t help, and is frankly insulting. Don’t you think I’ve tried that?

I’m actually kind of busy at work today, so that’s it!

Overflowing with love,


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