Staycation Daily Writing Prompt Challenge

I’m really amped up to write fiction lately, after giving myself some time away from it. I was getting frustrated and wasn’t having fun. I needed to back away.

Giving myself some distance has been wonderful. I’ve been able to release the frustration, step back from perfectionism, gather some resources and learning material, and get excited to come back at it.

The hardest part of my writing journey (so far!) is talking myself out of things. I think of an idea, get excited, but quickly convince myself it’s stupid and no one would want to read it. But you’ll never know if something is worth doing until you actually do it, so I need to just WRITE. Stop worrying about cranking out a worthy story, stop worrying about if it’s something I could publish some day, stop worrying about if I think anyone will be interested in it, and just write it. I read somewhere (and forgive me, but I can’t remember where to cite the source or exact wording) that you can’t critique your work until there’s something to critique. Just shut the inner critic up and write!

I’m on a vacation from work next week, and I’m staying home (staycations are the best!). I’m setting myself a challenge. Each day that I’m off, April 20-28th, I’m going to do quick fiction writing prompt and post it here.

No fear, no inner critic, no judgement. Just cranking out stories for the sake of cranking out stories.

Let’s do this.

Overflowing with love,


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