Prompt- Describe The Most Exciting Part of Your Day

It started with a pop. “Pop” might be too small a word for it, but “bang” seems too big. Thump, maybe? A loud, dull thump in my knee. I’d been on the floor playing with my dog when I decided that I needed sea salt dark chocolate covered almonds more than I’d ever needed anything. Fortunately, they were just in the kitchen, a few steps away.

Maybe I got up too fast, maybe I twisted. I can’t remember. But I remember the sickening thump. It was louder than any bodily sound I’d heard before. It didn’t hurt much, but I felt the pressure in my knee build and suddenly release with that massive sound. Surprised, I yelled out and crumpled back to the floor. My dog thought the game was continuing and bounced around me, barking. I reached out to scoop her toward me; I knew if I could keep at least one hand on her, she’d be content.

I took slow, measured breaths, fighting the blackness that was creeping in at the edges of my vision. I’ve always had low blood pressure, and when I get up too fast I tend to get light headed. I hadn’t gotten up quickly so much as I had fallen back down quickly, but I supposed it had the same result. My knee still didn’t hurt, just a tenderness on the outside and around the back. Using my coffee table as a brace, I pushed myself up. I slowly shifted weight onto my left leg. It held. I took a step, then another. Hey, cool, I’m fine! Now to get those almonds.

Life gets weird when you have to start thinking about every move you make.

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