Prompt- Use One of Yesterday’s Questions to Write a Story

I slipped deeper into the hot, silky water filling my bathtub, letting the humid air fill my lungs as I sighed. The day had been as close to perfect as I think a day has ever been. I’d worked in the garden for hours, leaving my body feeling spent and tired in the most satisfying way. I could feel the water lapping around my shoulders and creeping up my neck, so I reached my foot up the tap and twisted, satisfied with the depth. My sound machine was filling the room with a thunderstorm, so I closed my eyes and let myself drift away.

I imagined I was sitting in a hot spring in Iceland, with a gentle rain pattering down around me. The rain was cold, but that only served to make the hot spring feel cozier. I settled in a little deeper, digging my toes into the mud at the bottom. I sighed again, contentedly, letting the ache melt out of my muscles. Perfection, perfection, perfection.

I lifted my hand to reach for the cup of cold water I had sitting just out side the tub… but the tub wall wasn’t there. My hand just kept drifting to the left, my brain not quite understanding what was happening. It felt a bit like when you pick up an empty can of soda that you expect to be full, so your prepped muscles nearly fling it over your head. My arm had expected to find the edge of the tub and didn’t.

Confused and alarmed, I opened my eyes… and let out a shout.

The water around me was a pale, pearlescent blue. Tendrils of steam curled up away from it into the cool air, only to be poked through by the chilly rain that was falling. As each drop hit the water, a bead of pearly blue hopped up and then bounced back down. Sulphur filled my nose, making me cough and sputter. I shot upright before I remembered that I was naked, since I hadn’t anticipated being in public. No one else was in sight, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t need to ask where I was. It was both perplexing and incredibly familiar. I had somehow imagined myself nearly 3500 miles away from my bathtub.

I’d landed smack in the middle of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

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